How sports inspire to win all odds (Part 1)

Sports play an important in the human life. It pushes motivation, positive thinking or connects people closer and closer. Besides it, sports also bring a lot of benefits to have good health and mental. 

So, sport is close with the life naturally. Many athletes can overcome struggles and injuries to go to succeed. They practice by their hard-working, determination as well strong willingness. However, they are ready to face with these emotions, so that finally they receive result as expectation.

Today, we take some example about inspiration in sports to triumph against all odds.

1, West Germany won Hungary in FIFA World Cup 1954

FIFA World Cup in 1954 held in Switzerland brought inspiration for younger team about victory become true if they tried the most.

In the group stage, Hungary defeated West Germany against 3-8 goals. Before this failure, West Germany went to the final match, to face to face with Hungary one more time.

Before the finals, no one could believe that West Germany would win because they were defeated before with big gap. Furthermore, Hungary was the most potential team for the Champions when they were never defeated within 4 recent years.

Coming first 8 minutes, Hungary scored two goals as confirmation that they were the winner.

However, the West Germany team continued to try and play by their effort and connection. Finishing the 1ststage, they reached two scores to make balance about goals.

Two teams expressed impressively in the second stage. In the 84thminute, the West Germany were successful to make the 3rdgoal and brought glory to the nation as well weaker teams in the sport history.

This comeback was impossible but they could do it impressively. So, their winning was known as the Miracle of Bern.