How sports inspire to win all odds (Part 2)

Sports become a part of the human life. People live by playing sports, working with sports or relaxing with sports. 

However, in the modern life, someone focuses on profit and forgets great meanings of sports. They do business by betting or offering odds so that they can earn much revenue. But the fact, it’s not final target of sports.

In this article, we continue to share stories to prove that sports can inspire to everyone, more than odds in betting.

2, the India team and the Australia team in the Test of the Century of Cricket event 2001

The cricket match between India and Australia team in 2001 was considered as one of the greatest matches all the time of cricket.

At this time, Australia was voted as the finest team. So, they expressed confidently when facing with the Indian. They performed well to defeat the opponent with ten wickets in the first round of Test. Then they raised winning to 16 consecutive matches.

In the second test, the Indian team was defeated terribly. Almost things became to worse for them when they lost 3 talented wickets. 

All people thought that the Australia team won the game finally.

However, everything changed strangely in the 3rdTest. The Indian team connected each other well to break record with 383 runs finally.

This was the first time in cricket history when one team can reach massive runs to win the game in only third round.

Thanks to Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman in the Indian team, they were hero when helped their team to change all results under surprising and shocking of spectators.

This winning also marked one new record when one team can win the final game while they were lost in two firstly Test match. all results can happen until the last minute.