How to place on Formula 1 (Part 1)

One of the most sports for betting is racing on motorbikes or cars. People are interested in betting in fast speed at racetracks.

Today we share major information about placing on betting at Formula 1.

From many years ago, Formula 1 is well-known as a prestigious race collected top the best racers from all over the world. Therefore, it is appreciated as a professional and reliable competition. So, it is followed and placed on bets by many bettors.

How to place on it well? You can reference as the followings:

Firstly, introduction about Formula 1

Formula 1 is also well-known as F1 considered as a thrilling sport to watch and place on betting. It’s amazing when the speed can reach up to 220mph. The fast speed brought new experience about racing, differed from horse races or any traditional races.

It is considered as a glamour sport when it has about 20 cars from F1 Grand Prix. There are 10 teams with two cars used for each team in one race. There are series of track during the process. Estimated about 189.5 miles for each race.

To determine winner, they will add up all points from all races. This rule is fair for bettors. If they make mistake at one race, they still have other opportunities to try for other races.

Finally, whom is the highest points will be crowned the F1 champion.

In the betting at F1, there are many factors made confused for bettors because drivers will face up with many challenges, including in vehicle and tracks.

For example, tracks of Monaco and Shanghai have series of gear shifts as well strain on the gearbox which will affect to speed. Or power of vehicle can affect to result of driver. They will do it well when they control their vehicle well.

So, you should consider the races carefully before betting on F1, from profile of bettors or significant factors to decide quality of drivers.