How to place on Formula 1 (Part 2)

Here we continue to share instructions in betting in Formula 1. As shared in the previous article, F1 is one of the most interesting betting markets which any gambler prefer fast speed will place on it.

Before starting on betting officially, you should consider all information about F1 like schedule to organize tournaments, types of F1 applied in betting with unique strength and weakness, prize and odd rates in F1 so on.

Now, we will split major types in F1 betting

In general, there are major 3 types in betting like: long-term result betting, outright betting and live in-play betting. All are popular and used in almost competitions and races in F1.

Firstly, about outright betting

If you are a newcomer, this type is simple to enjoy. You don’t need to remember so much knowledge. 

Your mission is to place bets on any driver whom you consider he is a winner in any the Grand Prix. You will be given a wide variety of odds to place. You can choose one or more drivers. You don’t need to calculate or compare about odd rates because the odd is fixed by bookmakers. You will follow and choose.

In case your chosen driver is correct, you will win the game with outright bet. Or a bad way, you will lose money for this deal. 

Secondly, Long-Term betting

This type requires you to place a bet in the whole season. You will choose one team for win the season, then follow them in total races. Finally, you can determine you are a winner or loser.

The fact, this type helps to reduce some risks in betting process. One driver has strength and weakness at other landscapes or vehicles. So, they can driver well in some racetracks but can’t do well in other racetracks.

Therefore, the best way to summarize average points of them in the season.