Pros and Cons of online games for everyone

Playing game brings both benefits and drawback for every player. Once you can get balance timetable as well using online games properly, you can take advantage of some good modes. 

To maximum cons and limit pros, you can follow our analysis. We share detail some special pros and cons when playing online games for everyone.

In the last article, we discuss two drawbacks from online games, including affecting badly to health and bad attitudes. Now we continue to share other pros and cons.

3rdpros of online game- Lack of concentration

When you are addicted to online game, players will consume all or almost their free time for playing. For example, students can ignore time for dinner with family or support parents to do housework after finishing lesson in school. Even they use time to do homework to play online game until midnight or even the whole night. As a bad consequence, they feel not energy and lack concentration for the job. Despite only early morning.

Because they are lethargic, they can’t focus on listen or do anything well. It’s terrible when they fail everything due to playing online game without control.

4thpros of online game- Laziness with outdoor activities

In playing games, players only sit down one seat and stare at the screen of computer/ smartphone. As referred in the previous article, it’s not good for health. It can cause problems for eye and some diseases such as obesity…

Furthermore, players feel lazier to join outdoor activities. They consider that they are used to keep a seat. So, they don’t like any outdoor activities. This habit is extremely bad, especially for the young. Because they are in the growth process, they should develop overall both metal and physical through outdoor activities and sports.