Pros and Cons of online games for everyone

In this article, we continue to share major pros and cons when you play online games. 

As referred from the previous article, playing game can bring both advantages and disadvantages for player. Whether it is good or bad depends on your demand and arrange properly or not.

We have discussed detail about drawbacks from online games such as badly affecting to memory, neglection in other jobs when spending so much time on games, so on.

Now, we move to the 2ndpart, calling as benefits of playing online games.

1stbenefit: Improvement patience and perseverance

In online games, you have limited time and limited games for your reference. Therefore, sometimes you have to repeat this game many times even daily, to practice and reach the highest level. So, it can make you feel boring.

However, anyone becomes a master in online game, they will learn to control patient and perseverance suitably. This is the only way to do it well.

So, through playing online game, ability to patience and hard working will be improved better.

2ndbenefit: Improvement strategic thinking and planning

Several online games require players about logic thinking or proper strategy to make good result in finals such as puzzle, thrilling action so on. To do it well, players have to improve experience and knowledge detail. 

As a good consequence, any avid gamer can develop the strategic thinking or planning naturally. Firstly, they learn and apply these skills in games. Then, they can take advantage of benefit to apply to daily job naturally. 

In general, it’s a good way to improve and practice soft skills well. When these skills are set in your mind, you can release it regularly and naturally without considering in a long time. Fact, game looks like real situation to push skills to be broaden and practiced more.