Pros and Cons of online games for everyone

Through achievements and developments of the Internet, online game becomes popular and close with every walk of life. It’s common sense when seeing some students, officials or even parents play games on smart phone or PC as a great way to relax without going out to the entertainment centers.

The truth that playing games exit both pros and cons. Once player can get balance timetable to use online games properly, it can bring more benefits. However, you put children in free style without controlling them, online games become bad habits, even affect negative reaction. 

To make clear about online games, you should follow our article. We share outstanding pros and cons of online games with anyone. Hope that after our data, you can choose a proper way to instruct children or play games effectively.

First of all, talk about pros of online games

1/ Affect to health badly

When someone are addicted in playing online game, they only stare at the screen of PC without going out for outdoor activities or housework. Even they can sit during all day without having any breaks.

It is a bad habit affecting to health such as posture issues, vision ability or even brain damage. Someone becomes obesity without controlling because they lack other activities.

According to statistics at the East Asia, the Chinese have 

Gamers who are addicted to Online Gaming tend to spend most of their time indoors playing without having proper breaks. By prolonging this practice, causes health problems such as posture issues, vision loss and even brain damage.

Statistics show that the East Asian has the highest short-sightedness rate. At this market, the number of players play online game is also the highest.

2/ Impact bad attitudes

Gamers tend to be influenced by actors or actions in the games which they are playing.

Whereas some games are on the violence/ gore kinds, therefore it is not good to attitudes of players.