Some major types of sports betting

This article will continue to introduce some major types of sports betting, beside fixed odd, live, exchange and spread betting referred from the former articles. If you tend to place on sport betting, following it to increase ability to reach winning.

As far as we know, splitting other types is necessary to find a proper wager with your style as well your budget.

Handicap betting

Handicap betting has been applied for some sports in many markets in the world. In general, it is similar to spread betting when goals is awarded and deducted on betting purposes so that it can make equal among teams.

But, the result is different. Handicap betting give you more opportunities to become a winner but it is easy to change odds rate. Therefore, your final goal is not higher than other kinds of betting.

Total or over-under betting

Although total and over-under betting are two different terms for the same wager, some markets usually use one term to call it. Maybe because it has the same method.

This type is popular and available on almost sports. We usually listen straightforward betting. The fact that, it is a small type of total or over-under betting.

The main concept means that bookmakers will notify a line for total number of points or goals in this game. Then you choose betting that result is higher or lower than the line. If a higher option, it is referred as over betting while a lower option is called under betting.

Prop- special betting

As total or over-under betting, prop- special betting has two different terms but used for one type of wager. This betting is offered for bettor on entertainment purpose. Because it has a bit of fun during the betting process.

This type doesn’t need to refer a specific aspect in a sport event to have a final outcome. It’s simple to place a wager which team will make a first score in game.