Top greatest sport betting sites in 2020

In this article, we continue to share top greatest gambling site with sport section. As referred from the previous article, sport betting becomes a major industry of many nations such as the UK, the USA, Malaysia. They build up pro online systems and are licensed by the official rules.

Among a wide range of betting sites in the market, players are easy to confused which site is good. Therefore, we recommend great sport gambling sites as reference. All sites are received good rate and highly appreciated by many gamblers as well expert, therefore you can believe safe level about security of personal information and refund money in case you are a winner.

In addition, we collect official data until 2020 so this ranking is updated the latest.

6/ Vietbet site


Vietbet is an Asia online betting site which is founded bt the 5Dimes group. They only focus on sport gambling. Therefore, it can offer a wide range of sport events for almost famous sports such as football, tennis, golf, horse races so on. This site is well known with fast and quality service. Customers feel satisfactory about quick and efficient payouts as well method of payment. They use bitcoin as the major currency for transactions, so it’s convenient and suitable for the Asian local and foreigners.

Policies about bonus <Updated in 2020>

They continue to offer interesting bonuses to encourage players to join it, especially in 2020 when effect of the coronavirus, all sport events are delayed. It also impacts on gambling demands of many users. Therefore, Vietbet give good promotions to push users to bet on online games or traditional gamble.

For example, they give cash bonus policy up to 2000$ for all deposits when player get code “BB50”. This bonus is extremely impressive and profitable for users.

They also offer signup bonuses, seasonal promotions or bonus hunters.