Top the best car racing for betting (Part 1)

Car races is one of the most interesting games for betting of the young. It’s reasonable when it brings new emotion and feeling about something adventurous and dangerous.

Today, we collect top the best competitions about car racing which you should follow to place on betting.

As one strategy to place on bets effectively is following multiplayer. It means that you should follow famous competitions as well collect news from other bettors and critics so that you can reach better result. So, choosing prestigious racing for bets is important to have more experience and knowledge in betting.

1, Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most historic auto races in the world is a necessary part of series the Triple Crown of motorsport.

As annual schedule, this race is held in Monte Carlo. You can visit this race or follow in livestream to place on bets. There are series of betting sites offer this race availably.

 The racetrack brings so much challenges for drivers, from design with sharp turns and elevated changes, to challenge about tunnel. There are total 78 laps within 161 miles. The race always is the hottest spot for anyone, including bettors.

2, Daytona 500

The Daytona 500 is famous and favorited in the USA. It is also famous for amazing prizes being up to 20 million dollars.

It also attacks many talented auto racers over the world to discover challenges of 500 miles. It’s not easy to earn betting in this race when there is famous database from the former.

It has a long history since foundation in 1959 then it has been continued to develop strongly nowadays. Even, it is called nickname as “the great American race”. Therefore, it covers a big mount of spectators.