Top the best car racing for betting (Part 2)

In the betting market, car racing always attacks many walks of bettors. Whether you are young or mature, you are interested with driving which you are practicing by your vehicle in daily life. However, in car racing, you can imagine and create all type of speed or racetracks without worrying about real danger or risk. So, it brings excitement for any player.

From the former article, we refer 2 outstanding car races popular in betting: Monaco Grand Prix and Daytona 500. Now, we continue to share other races also favorited in betting.

3, NASCAR races

NASCAR race is the most famous in USA. it is designed with strictly stock cars. It means that racing cars has special features compared with other car races, which makes outstanding for NASCAR.

Firstly, racing cars are powerful with custom-built strictly. Secondly, there are no open-wheel in all cars which brings more challenges for players.

The most famous race in NASCAR is Sprint Cup series which includes total 36 races on only 22 tracks. Almost bettors focus on this Cup. Besides it, other races are organized annually.

In NASCAR races, teamwork is highly appreciated to bring winning final for racers. They can support one potential driver to go further in extra mile. So, it is a necessary condition to decide about your prediction. A good driver having a good team can increase his opportunity in the race.

4, Formula 1

For any bettor in the world, Formula 1 is considered as the most famous racing in the global. So, many people are interested to place on it.

Some series of Formula 1 like: Monaco, Silverstone, Monza so on…which is held in many places in other nations.

When betting on F1, there is a tip to remember that racetracks are different, so it can affect performance of drivers. It’s better to do research about character of these tracks as well achievements of drivers on it before betting.