Top the greatest car races in the world

For someone like adventurous sports, car races is one of the most favorite sport when bringing a lot of fun, excitement as well danger for both racers and spectators. But, you feel extremely wonderful when overcoming obstacles or death nearly. 

In this article, we collect top the greatest car races in the world determined by reputation and scale of tournament. 

If you are a fan of car races or like speed and adventure, you shouldn’t miss our ranking as below:

1/ Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix is an important part of the Formula One held since 1929 at the Circuit de Monaco and maintained until nowadays.

This car race was set up around the small streets, tight corners, tunnels as well elevation changes of Monaco.

The reason why this race is well known although F1 has series of other races is challenging in the expensive form of car races in the world. To be accepted in this race, drivers must have cars with enough condition as an international races requirements.

Furthermore, its objectives and drawbacks are dangerous and challenging to become one of the most valuable courses for any racer to express their talent in racing career.

 2/ Indianapolis 500

IndyCar is considered as the fastest car races in the USA with open wheel races. 

From IndyCar 500, many developers of games took inspiration to create amazing online games. 

It was held the first time in 1911, then it was occurred annually in the weekend of the Memorial Day. From long time, this race became a place to collect talents in car races. They want to compete and express themselves at this race.

On the motor speedway, there are total 200 laps counterclockwise and the end of line will be a brick line. The winner will kiss it as victory and receive a bottle of milk which are valuable to be honored.