Top the greatest car races in the world

Car race is one of the most adventurous sport in the world. It is risky for both car racers and spectators who directly see the auto races on the racecourse. Anyway, many people choose car race as professional career to develop it, then they succeed. Or many people are fans of car races.

If you are interested in car races, you should follow our article. We share top the greatest car races who you shouldn’t miss in the world. You will broaden your mind when understanding about these car races.

3/ 24 Hours of Le Mans

formula 1

24 Hours of Le Mans is often called as the Grand Prix of Endurance and Efficiency. The first tournament was held in 1923 and continues to maintain until now with many frame and success.

This event is made up from the Triple Crown of Motorsport and run on the Circuit de le Sarthe which is mixed between the racing roads and public roads to make more challenge for racers.

As annual, the race is held in early afternoon and ended after some hours in the following day in June.

Total the length of race is 3,110 miles. 

As the rule, there are three drivers to use the same vehicle. It’s nice for drivers to take more time in eating, resting and considering again about strategies. Besides this rule, there are some other regulations changed per season to keep safe as well create interest and excitement for the races.

4/ Daytona 500


The Daytona 500 is a part of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series which was held the first time in 1959.

Annually, this race should be located in the Florida with total 500 mile length. This event is held in late February. 

Until now, Daytona 500 still makes more arguments about safety and competitive concerns for per track.