Top the greatest car races in the world

Every year, there are a wide range of car races held at many places in the world. 

As introduced from the previous article, car race is one of the most popular sports for the young. It also becomes a great industry with millions of dollars annually.

In this article, we will share top the greatest car races as reference for any fan of speed. Following it if you are interested in races.

5/ The Canadian Grand Prix

formula 1

Grand Prix is an important part of a Formula One. Above all Grand Prix, the Canadian Grand Prix should be highly appreciated because of profession in organization, race track as well the price for winner.

This race has been ever described that racers can go from the dead place to the winning place. It means that the racecourse has been designed complicated and amazing until the last minute of races. Therefore, it always is attracted many racers to register as a deeply sea battle.

6/ The BTCC Donington

The BTCC Donington is purposed to organize for tour cars at the UK. It is welcomed warmly from many people because it owns awesome race tracks as well tons of obstacles around the race.

Especially, drivers will use regular-family cars for races. Therefore, drivers will be challenged speed by their own ability while motor and machine of cars are not changed.

The whole series are interesting and comfortable. Drivers usually don’t care the price. They come to this car race for sharing and connecting purpose.

7/ V8 Supercars Gold Coast 600

Purpose and character are the same the BTCC Dongington, but V8 Supercars Gold Coast 600 is held annually at the Australia.

This race has big reputation when they own list of sponsors. So, the prize for winner is attractive.