Top the greatest car races in the world

Car races become favorite and popular with the young, especially in the USA or the Western. You know, from NASCAR to FORMULA ONE (F1), there are wide range of car races hold and compete in the world.

In general, car race is not only an adventurous sport but also a profitable industry for big car brands. In this article, we refer Top the greatest car races in the world. Following it and considering whether this race has appeared in your place or not.

1/ Monaco Grand Prix

Since 1929, F1 tournament has been held annually on the circuit de Monaco. So, it is named after Monaco Grand Prix.

Compared other races in F1, Monaco Grand Prix is considered as one of the most challenging races when weaves are built around small streets with other objects like tight corners, elevation changes or tunnels in this city. These challenges make more difficulties for racers to overcome and complete them excellently.

In Monaco Grand Prix, F1 also collects series of high quality cars which changing rules annually. Therefore, it is a professional race in total races of F1.

2/ Indianapolis 500

According to Business Insider, IndyCar is considered as the fastest racing car in America. This race is a small race in American open wheel tournament.

It has been held since 1911 on occasion of the Memorial Day weekend, then it was welcomed warmly by millions of car race fans in the world.

In general, Indianapolis 500 consists of 200 laps to be set tracks around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. But all tracks are counterclockwise therefore it increases more challenges for racers. Some professional racers still feel a little worried when they face up with Indianapolis 500 due to counterclockwise race tracks which can cause any accidents for someone to speed up.