Types of betting in Formula 1 (Part 1)

Formula 1 is famous in the world as a great game of all racing motor sports. Even someone says it looks as if a thrilling sport to enjoy and place on bets.

The fact, anyone loves speed up to 220mph, Formula 1 is a big event you shouldn’t miss. You can discover series of top high cars through this event.

If you also prefer to betting in Formula 1, you should know detail about character as well feature of this game. Although it is interested, it is easy to be lost if you are careless.

Today, we refer one of the simplest topic of Formula 1 which is series of betting types. You should reference to distinguish whether this type is good for you or not.

1, Outright Betting

Outright betting is the most popular kind on F1. The fact, it is the simplest way for betting which can be offered for any bettor.

You are the right to choose some odds for some drivers taking part in the race. Furthermore, the odds can be adjusted depending on your prediction.

In case you are a new comer, you have not much experience to do research all drivers before, this type is proble to start with minimum risk. If your predicted driver wins the race, it means that you are winner the bet finally.

The biggest restriction of outright betting is to share oppurtunity of profit when you win on F1.

2, Long-Term Betting

This is a famous betting type on F1. Instead of betting for each race, you will predict the final winner for all rounds whether who is the highest ranking.

This type requires you to follow all rounds carefully. You also can change the odds through per race. However, it will reduce value of odds for per revisment.