Types of betting in Formula 1 (Part 2)

As discussed in the previous article, Formula 1 is one of the most prestigious racing competitions in the world. through this race, there are series of new records broken and created. So, many fans of racers are interested in the F1.

The fact, F1 is focused to place on bets. For some bettors, they can earn so much money from prizes of racing because racing usually offers high promotions and money.

Today, we continue to share some major types of betting in F1.

3, F1 Matchup Bets

This type is mixed between outright betting and long-term betting. Meaning that bettors can choose 2-6 races or drivers for betting, then bettors find the highest line of per race. It’s better for choose some races in your strength.

It brings a lot of benefits for betters when they can take advantage of strength of per race then place on betting correctly. So, bettors have more opportunities for winning finally.

At some big betting sites, they offer 10 or 15 drivers matchup bets for per race.

4, Winning margin

In this betting type, bettors consider the finishing time of top two drivers.

This type is similar as over or under betting of one time. However, you should do it with combination of other types.

For example, you can choose some results of top two finishers like: under 5.0 seconds, between 4.0 and 7.0 seconds or over 5.0 seconds.

5, F1 Top 3 Bets or 6 Bets

This type means you should find top 3 bets or 6 bets drivers to finish the line earliest.

In general, betting in top 3 is easier and higher odds. Almost people choose to place on top 3 bets in F1 because the number of drivers in one race is not much.